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Estate Services is located at Unit 1 Iona Business Park in Derry. Incorporated on 11th July 2003, the company is a community owned enterprise that aims to create employment and training opportunities through innovative partnerships between local community, private sector, public bodies and other organisations.

To create employment opportunities through the establishment of a sustainable social economy enterprise in the North - West area employing local people.
To exploit existing enterprise opportunities through the provision of security services for the community, voluntary and business sectors in the North - West area.
To target and train potential employees, in conjunction with local community organisations, specifically targeting previously marginalised groups.
The employment created will also contribute to the creation of wealth locally and any surplus created by Estate Services will be reinvested into the local community.

Tony O'Doherty Chairperson

Unit 1 Iona Business Park Derry   BT48 9LH    T: 028 7126 7268   F: 028 7137 7014
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